The International Energy Consulting Group
Hong Kong • Shanghai • Dubai • Zurich • Berlin • Almaty • Cyprus • Moscow • Monaco • London • Bahrain

ILS Energy is an international energy consulting group created by ILS International Legal Services, an international legal, financial and fiduciary service provider.

ILS Energy is providing targeted services to energy industry:

  • Crude Oil
  • Gas & Gas Products
  • Refining
  • Nuclear
  • Petrochemicals
  • Power Generation Industries

Our clients are:

  • Production, transformation and consumption organisations 


  • Political institutions
  • Research centers
  • Industrial and financial players

ILS Energy is present in the most active and demanding geographical consumption, transformation and production regions of the energy sector, and has in depth access to industry players, decision makers and relevant authorities permitting to work with corporate and regional executives within an overall global strategy and to assess:

  • Concrete projects
  • Capacity expansion
  • New investments
  • Acquisitions and divestments

What We Do

ILS Energy regularly analyse issues and trends affecting the energy industry with international company leaders and government policy makers while providing our expertise and strategic support which lie in:

  • Advising with regard to political, economic and geographic factors, risks and developments in specific areas of production, transformation and consumption;
  • Introducing new ideas, know how, technologies and opportunities;
  • Arranging transactions, investments, financing;
  • Introducing into regional markets, to local market players and decision makers and combining their strengths and efforts.

What We Offer

ILS Energy provides legal, commercial and technical scenarios which offer the foundation for strategy development, investment evaluation and commercial decision making at the global and regional level.

ILS Energy's team is an international team of lawyers, geopolitical advisors, economists and regional experts focused on analyzing, evaluating and predicting change in the energy sector of key producing and consuming countries.

Our professionals have developed extensive know how of legal issues, markets and market players which allow clients improve their performance, optimize their strategies and understand the competitive landscape.

Our tailor made solutions are proposed in order to create and support global and regional business approach.